All the needs between the seller and the buyer are settled as a result of the negotiations.


An effective schedule and work program are provided by us for commercial efficiency.


After achieving maximum customer satisfaction, contracts are signed between the parties.

About Us

TOGON Trading & Consulting; From the African countries, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Senegal and Ivory Coast, and on the other hand with Azerbaijan , Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, has developed the highest level of trade relations including Ukraine and Russia, have created a bridge between the aforementioned countries and Turkey, and has managed to maintain its credibility in the market commercial is a firm.

The bridge of the import and export between Turkey and these countries, trade links between the known and the company has been specializing in their fields with great success in the market is provided by us.

Why Togon?

We have certain working principles and we act accordingly.

  • We use technology effectively.
  • We are in touch one by one with customers.
  • We are always at the head of our business.
  • We work with companies that are strong, reliable and leaders in the market.
  • We are doing an effective team work.
  • We take as much risk as we believe.